Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day After Surgery...Life Throws Me A Loop

Morning After Surgery Shake
Sometimes life throws us a curveball, and all we can do is work our way through the challenge...That is my task starting today, the day after having surgery on my right shoulder and lower right arm/wrist.  Life in the land of the one armed king!  It does create some issues, adjustments and even some disappointments...and this is only day one. 
Washing dishes is a whole new and humorous set of job skills.  First, you have to take all the dishes out of the sink and line them up on the counter to be washed one by one.  Washing a glass...I use the drain to hold glass while I do the inside of the glass, then carefully lay glass on its side and roll it around with the sponge to wash the outside.  Lay sponge down pick up the glass and rinse.  One pan, three glasses and two cups, wipe down the counter...25 minutes.
I need to get some fresh air and exercise, so weather permitting going to try a little walk tomorrow...that is pretty straight forward, but going to miss the familiarity of my camera slung over my shoulder at the ready.
Good or bad, when you only have one arm life SLOWS DOWN.  Driving is out, there is no jumping in the car to run a quick have to make lists of what you need, and then find friends who can help you out by running errands for you, or driving you around.  Things like making my morning shake and a pot of coffee take time...good appreciate it more, savor it because of the effort it took to create it.  So enjoyed my morning Isagenix shake today, poured it into a more decorative and festive glass, added a small sprig of tasted even better than usual because it took me serious effort to make it.
Day one of this great adventure as I adjust to living life for awhile as a one armed man...tomorrow I am looking forward to learning how to shower...not sure, but may have to put on a different shower head, one that is not stationary...have a feeling by the time I figure it all out that the shower is going to be the most enjoyable shower I have ever taken.  In the mean time, this evening going to attempt my first one handed evening meal...Ed was kind enough last night to bring me in a home cooked meal from his kitchen...friends are beautiful to have.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Having Surgery Next Week

Not exactly the day I was expecting to have today.  Had an appointment to get the results of my MRI from earlier in the week...the long and short of those
So, am now full throttle involved in the task of getting ready for the event, and the aftermath...
First problem...Not going to be allowed to drive, and even once I have been cleared, not sure I will be cleared to drive a stick...I have a five speed. 
Cooking is going to be another it or not, you just cannot slice veggies one handed...going to prepare pre-cut veggies on Monday for the first week of recovery, but after than, will have to get someone to come in and do that for me...for that matter, going to have to have someone running me to do errands, grocery shopping, follow up visits.  Surgery living alone I am quickly realizing presents a host of issues. 
Thinking I should place an emergency order with Isagenix for some of their meal bars...might be hard making shakes, and at least with meals bars I would have breakfast and lunch covered if I cannot get someone in to lend a hand.  Just another unplanned expense that I do do not need right now.  Someone in one of our Isagenix Facebook groups recommended I do two ounces of cleanse daily while recovering, so need to order that as well...need to check with my surgeon to make sure the cleanse would not interfere with any prescriptions I might have to have.
Called a few of my friends this afternoon...have a ride to and from the hospital, and people to check in on me for the first few days, so that is a good thing.  All in all, things are falling into shape, and dealing with the news fairly well.  WISH ME LUCK!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Discipline and Perseverance Beats Talent...Pondering The Way Forward

Discipline beats talent...words I heard spoken on a training call last week.  The speaker was explaining that discipline, steadfast adherence to your plan will win over raw talent.  This got me to thinking...especially over this past weekend while I was doing another two day cleanse.

How many of us, myself included tend to fail, not because we do not have the talent to succeed, but because we find ourselves lacking the discipline to persevere when the going gets tough...especially when it comes to dieting, losing weight?  It was not like I woke up one day and said, "I want to be fat".  It was a process, and being honest with myself, a process that involved "lack of discipline" on my part...despite my ever expanding gut, despite the lack of energy and the lethargic reality of my life, I did what it was that I wanted to do, ate and drank what I wanted do, exhibiting zero SELF CONTROL...another way of saying I was exhibiting no self discipline.

My own journey of self reclamation is teaching me self self discipline...but what if there is more to the word, and the concept of discipline?  Why was I succeeding in my dieting this time, when I had failed so many times before...the clue's to my answer could be found in looking up the word online.

Discipline as defined is systematic instruction intended to train a person in a craft, trade or other activity, or to follow a particular code of conduct or "order".
But then I read further...
Often, the phrase "to discipline" carries a negative connotation. This is because enforcement of order–that is, ensuring instructions are carried out is often regulated through punishment.

I was ALWAYS TAUGHT and TOLD, that successful dieting requires self control and discipline...what if subconsciously we fail at our diets because of our interpretation of that phrase, ""Successful dieting requires self control and discipline"?  Could it be, that we see dieting AS PUNISHMENT for years of no self control? Could it be we resent dieting because it is seen as a PUNISHMENT, and could it be that I am actually succeeding this time around because I have seen my Isagenix program, the products the company has created not as dieting, but instead as a means to getting healthy?  Like the old adage says, change the mental picture, change the results.

If you are lost, just stay with me another couple of minutes...

None of us are perfect, and we all put on weight for various personal reasons...poor food choices (some times voluntary, sometimes not), eating as a means to find comfort, and though we maybe do not want to admit it, eating to hide ourselves or make ourselves less attractive...think abuse.  I myself looking back think I indulged myself for a few reasons...

1.  I've known starvation...not hunger, but starvation.  When I was a child, times were more than rough, and there were some periods of time when a few potatoes shared among seven of us, or some oatmeal was all there was for supper at night even though we had not eaten all day.

2.  As a child, food was used as a weapon by my father...getting a beating was bad enough, but imagine getting a beating and then being sent to bed without supper.  

3.  Food was/is a emotional comfort for me...I used to hoard treats such as cookies, carefully hiding my secret stash, and then late at night under my blankets allowing myself to break off one little piece, savoring it like manna from heaven.

Looking back on all of this I can understand some things.  Firstly, sitting here today I can see why I have avoided anything to do with me, subconsciously discipline meant not just punishment, but a beating.  Sitting here now, though he has been dead for some years can hear my fathers voice as he screamed across the table, "Get your ass down stairs son, I'm going to show you some discipline you will not soon forget."  The word was a trigger...still is.

Looking back over these past four months, realize I am doing more than just losing weight.  I am, though self assessment looking at some very hard truths, and after close examination am doing some very important things as I make changes in my life and attitudes:

1.  I am understanding my past relationship with food, and in some ways redefining that relationship.   Food in my life and my view of it has always existed on the far opposite ends of the spectrum...finally, through some hard work I am finding a nice comfortable middle ground that lets me love it, rather than using it as an emotional crutch.

2.  I find myself redefining, or perhaps using a different word than discipline...I have always seen discipline as meaning punishment, and in turn punishment meant beatings, and therefore discipline meant it any wonder then that I have rebelled against discipline of any sort in my life?  Some would say, You need some discipline" or "You need some self discipline" and every cell in my being instantly heard "BEATINGS".  

Change the mental picture, change the results.

Sorting Through Old Baggage
What triggers from your past have kept you from being successful in dieting, in losing weight, in getting healthy and happy?  Could something as simple as redefining the journey be all that is needed for you to find that beautiful person who is hiding inside of you?  For me, the word discipline was not working, and on some levels is still not working for rather than run from dieting, I've chosen to re-frame the discussion, chosen to find words that work for me, that allow me to find the success I deserve.  Some examples...

1.  Successful dieting is as simple as believing in yourself (myself).
2.  Self control and dedication will always see you through to your goals.

What emotional triggers are holding you back in accomplishing your life?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Burgers Fit For Oscar!...So Good!

OK...tonight everyone is going to be glued to their sofas to watch the Oscar's...well, maybe not everyone, but a lot of us.  So, thought I would put up a few pictures for the perfect BURGER...maybe I should get in on the excitement and call it "The Oscar Burger"!

 Start with some really good chopped I am using ground Sirloin, about three quarters of a pound worth divided into four thin patties.  Once made, add your own favorite spices.

Place a generous amount of Blue Cheese on two of the patties, and take out three Portobello mushrooms, that you are going to finely chop.

 See chopped mushrooms...put a generous amount of the mushrooms on top of the Blue Cheese on each of the two burgers.

Carefully place a thin pattie over the one's with Blue Cheese on them, and work them into two nice thick patties stuff with Blue Cheese and Portobello mushrooms. 

Place burgers in skillet on stove top...PRETTY SIMPLE FOLKS.
 Add two shots of Vodka and some  worcestershire me old fashion, but I think the little bit extra it cost for Lea & Perrins is SO WORTH IT.  Take the left over chopped mushrooms and sprinkle them into skillet.

Cook burgers to your liking...I am a medium rare kind of guy when it comes to my burgers, but others tend toward medium or even medium well.  The mushroom bits browning in the sauce will make a great little relish over the burger...After removing burgers, add a tablespoon of lemon juice to the mix, turn heat up and reduce...spoon over the burger.
While burgers are doing their thing on the stove top make up a nice plate of greens...myself for this one used a nice organic medley of greens, slice tomato and olives...dusted the whole thing with sea salt.
WALLA...A Burger Fit For The Oscar's!

I love sharing with people healthy foods, and a healthy way of life...I am living proof that you can eat great foods, lose weight, and get healthy.  Want to join me in the journey?  Call or text me at (845) 346-6523 or visit my website at

Want to try a free sample of our Isagenix Isalean shake visit (shipping charges do apply).

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Looking Back...Looking Forward...Standing Still...Relections at 57

Thursday February 21st I turned 57...As birthdays go, it was a quiet one, my time spent looking back on the past 56 years, thinking about the future while standing still in the spot that I find myself at. Life they say is a journey, a book not completed until you turn the last page.   

October 6th saw me start a new chapter in my own life story...I made the decision to lose some serious weight, get healthy...four plus months later, am moving in the right direction.  My waist line is down to a 34, and have lost over 30 pounds.  Friends tell me I am looking good, that they cannot believe the change, not just physically, but in my attitude.  Looking at myself, the changes so far have been remarkable.  I find myself believing more in myself, and I believe in the product and lifestyle that is Isagenix...question is, what is next?  Not just with my diet, not just with Isagenix, but for me moving forward?

Not sure of the when or where of it, but do know I have to move this year, and that is causing me a great deal of angst.  Tomorrow am driving to New Jersey to look at a modular home (the new code word for a TRAILER....doublewide even).   There are a lot of things to love about the trailer...the access to a clubhouse and large pool that comes with it...what I do not like about's an "Adult Community" as in only those who are 55 and older can live there.  Somehow, moving into such a community is almost a personal admission that I am getting older, and it is this reality that has seen me so reflective this entire week.  I know my perceptions are a prejudice on my part...sure that adult communities have changed from the days when my Grandparents lived in one, when it seemed to a young man that the place was full of bent over little old men in Burmuda shorts, and little old ladies with blue hair playing bridge all short, a part of me feels like moving into an "Adult Community" is a bit like being put out to pasture.

I'm 57...Feel as if I need some great grand adventure of some sort...wrap my car in Isagenix Advertising and drive around the United States visiting County and State Fairs for the entire summer would be a lot of fun...not affordable, but a LOT OF FUN!  Just walking around fairs with my camera for the entire summer taking pictures and handing out free samples of Isagenix with my business card attached.  Of course, if I was going to do this, would prefer to have a beautiful old (restored) vintage pick up truck pulling a vintage 16-22 foot Airstream behind it...could stop at some of the great historical sites along the way...the Grand Canyon, Sequoya National Forest...can see myself drinking a 3+ Energy Shot in front of one of those MASSIVE TREES, camping out along the ocean in California, visiting Hearst Castle again...not been there in over 30 years.

Hmmmm...."My Isagenix Great Adventure"...can almost see a coffee table book of my travels, maybe a blog journaling my adventure day by day as I travel across America.  Oregon would be a MUST VISIT STATE...did you know that there are more Ghost towns in Oregon than anywhere else in  America...always wanted to go photograph them, put out a book, "Ghost Towns of Oregon".

Anyone have about $200,000 I can borrow?  Figure the vintage truck and Airstream fully restored are going to cost me about $100,000.  Already priced wrapping a vehicle...$2,500 which is a bargain! Thinking custom plates for the truck and camper...a minor expense.  Big expense...all those Isagenix samples.   I am guessing on a normal non fair day would need maybe 30-40 samples, but could see myself handing out hundreds of them at a fair...Last time I attended the Ohio State Fair they were drawing crowds over the 18 days of the fair numbering millions. maybe I need another idea...

Just know I need to find 57 do not feel READY FOR THE PASTURE.  Thinking that is where a great deal of my own frustration is coming from at the moment.  I need to find something to do with myself other than just watch the world go by.  Life was so full of adventure and spontaneity when I was 20...want a little bit of that back.  Want to get a passport and take off for some exotic place...maybe volunteer on some space/place in the world where I could be a part of something bigger than myself.  

OMG...Less Than $10,000!
Is this what getting older is about...suddenly waking up and finding out that the life you have has become staid and boring?  Or instead, am I entering into a late life mid-life crisis?  That could be it...I mean I have NEVER owned a red sports car, let along a red sports car convertible.  Funny thing is, not really a red sports car kind of a would rather have a restored vintage pick up truck, though have to admit...if I could find one, would LOVE an old say 1956-1963 Bentley.   Something so "Beatles" like in a car like that...have to modernize it to some degree, update the stereo system so that I can use my IPod.  The car is plenty powerful enough to pull an old Air Stream around the country...back to the Airstream and traveling around America...would be pretty cool to drive around America handing out Isagenix samples from the trunk of a vintage Bentley.

Are you over 50 and finding yourself wondering "what's next"?  What is your dream, what is that BIG ADVENTURE that you day dream about at work?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dancing With Seagulls...Kingston NY

A friend of mine (Ed who owns the Mountaindale Inn here in Mountaindale) needed a ride up to Kingston and I volunteered my services.  As I often do, grabbed my camera and tossed it into the back only regret of the day...for some reason I did not grab my Canon L series 100-400 lens.  If I'd know I would see a bald eagle on a cold day in February in Kingston, it so would have been with me.  Rather that blather on about my day, thought I would share a few of my pictures taken along the way.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Over Coming Mid Winter Blahs...

First, to my readers...apologize for my absence, but had to deal with some personal issues...between my physical therapy issues and a seriously bad spell of weather that has kept me indoors far more than I like, found myself in the middle of an attack of the Winter Blahs!  Uggg...I am so ready for spring to arrive here in our small hamlet of Mountaindale...I need some buds popping on the branches of trees, need to see daffodils and crocus popping up through the not quite frozen ground threatening to bloom at any second.  Find myself yearning for the scent of lilacs and apple blossoms as the breeze blows down Main Street.

So, as I dust off my tush and get back in the proverbial race, thought a good article would be some tips for enduring those winter time blahs/blues.

1.  Plan some special indoor events.  Hold a Winter Blue's party for you and a few friends, or invite quests over for dinner and maybe a movie.  Whatever it is, plan some event that get you involved in FUN THINGS that will take your mind off the long cold winter, and put you in a happy space with close friends and/or family for a few hours.

2.  Double down on your New Year's's February, most people have already broken their New Year's Resolutions and put them away in the closet of broken different, dust off those resolutions and DOUBLE DOWN.  

 3.  Maintain health...I know how hard it is to do this, but keeping up with our exercise programs, doing some walking, and eating healthy really pays benefits and helps chase away those Winter Time Blues.  Nothing more depressing than getting on a scale and finding we are growing a winter time bulge, so don't let this happen.  Exercise regularly, and consider using our nutritious and delicious Isagenix Isalean shakes.  Stop rolling your eyes...I've lost almost 40 pounds so far with Isagenix, and am maintaining that weight loss in mid winter when I am usually packing on a few pounds.

4.  Start planning a spring trip, or mapping out a new spring flower bed.  Looking at exotic locales, or thumbing through seed/plant catalogs can really change your mood.  

5.  Think positive me, if you can stop your stinky thinking (ST), you will find it is much easier to get through the winter blues if you can stay positive.

Have your own tips on getting through the Winter Blahs/Blues?  Leave them in the comment section, and I will add them to this article.

Need some extra ENERGY....try our Isagenix e+ Energy Shot today!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Preparing For NorEaster Here in New York

It's in our tiny little hamlet of Mountaindale here in New York, the snow has started the fly, the roads already covered with a smattering of the white stuff.  Ran my errands yesterday, and in case we lose electric during the storm, I am taking the normal precautions...laptop, cell phone, and IPad mini are all being charged as I type this.  Going to spend the late morning/early afternoon cleaning the apartment and putting clean sheets on the bed...and adding a few extra blankets.  Other than that, there is not much I can do in the way of long as we do not lose electric, will be fine...if I lose electric, have a small inverter to charge the cell phone and laptop, and will move into the kitchen of my apartment where I can use the propane stove and oven to stave off the cold as the temps over night with windchill are supposed to drop below zero.
In the middle of a two day cleanse here, so food is not an issue, and being on town water, have everything I need.  Unless the snow gets really really bad, will try to head out for a walk later in the day and share a few photographs of the storm as it moves through our area...IT SHOULD BE FUN!
To all my friends in Isagenix who headed up to Boston for Isa University event this weekend that started today...BE CAREFUL, and if the snow is still really bad on Sunday, stay and extra day rather than try to drive home in treacherous conditions!  As the old saying goes, "Better safe than sorry".  If you have to be snowed in, Boston is a beautiful place to be...although not sure how much of Boston you can see from a hotel close to the airport...especially during a blizzard.
Time for me to go get my workout in and start some serious house cleaning here.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Personal Letter To Governor Christopher Christie

Sometimes, think that political correctness should be thrown out the window.  Also think there are times when, for trhe good of the person, we need to stop candy coating the truth. 
Governor Christie... (can I call you Chris?) you may not want people making an issue of your weight, but A) as a public figure your weight and everything else about you is up for public discussion, and B) you are FAT...actually, you are far beyond FAT, you are obese as in OBESE!  More importantly, as a man who would be president, or who is at least giving thought to running for president, your weight is a serious issue that voters need to look carefully at...especially when you are refusing to address said weight in a serious matter.
In In Tailored Suit YOU LOOK OBESE
You blew a gasket the other day because a doctor (a doctor to a President) was worried about you dying in office.  You wondered how a woman who had never examined you could diagnos your weight is a does not have to be a doctor to realize you have weight issues, and the health issues and concerns that go with them.   I am not a doctor here, never even played one on TV...I'm just a former FAT GUY that got thin, and I can look at your pictures and tell you have some serious weight issues...guessing here you tip the scale at well over 300 pounds, and that waist looks like it could go north of 46 inches...if I had to guess, would put it at over 50 inches.  Seriously, in some of your pictures you look like a beached whale. (Tough love here Chris)
Who wants a president that cannot push himself away from the dinner table, and who wants a president that lashes out at those who point out the in, "Hello DUDE, you are seriously FAT...get some help, go on a diet.  We are an OBESE nation, and you are a very high profile public figure who could SO LEAD BY EXAMPLE!  Is pulling a cookie out of your pocket on the David Letterman Show the example you want to be, or would you rather be the example who was a proud member of the Isagenix 100 Pound Club for those who have lost over 100 pounds?
My Mom was fat, loved her food just like you.   She was healthy until she wasn't...she got adult stage diabetes in her late 40's.  It was all down hill from there.  When she died she was blind, had conjestive heart disease, and holes in her feet.  Like you, she had kids...hopefully, unlike her you'll do something about your weight before it is too late.  We all got to watch her die...a very long, slow painful death as everything important to her including her sight was taken away.  Maybe that doctor was doing you a favor when your children heard her say that you could die in office, maybe her diagnosis from 2000 miles away will be the wake up call you obviously need.  If people like her, and people like me didn't care, we would JUST IGNORE YOU, write you off as just another fat politician.
I live in New York...the state, not the city.  I've offered on Twitter to help you lose weight...Isagenix me, I am living proof of it.  (Posting my four month before after picture here so you can see it.)  I'm far from a wealthy man, and not even a Republican, but if you really WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT, if you have the self discipline to not only go on a weight lose program but stick to it, I'll even pay for the first three months of your program, cover the costs of you entering the Isagenix "Isa Body Challenge" which is a 90 day program.  What have you got to lose?  I can tell you what you have to win...
You'll lose weight.  You'll build some new lean muscle.  You'll get healthy, have more energy, and lose that huge gut you are carrying around...Did you know for every extra pound you are carrying around that you are putting an extra four pounds of pressure on your knees?  Who knows...losing the weight, the public image improvement it would bring you might even see you gaining the White House in 2016.
So come on...give an honest guy a shot here.  I'm telling you the hard truth...YOU ARE FAT, and if you do not lose that weight, IT WILL EVENTUALLY CAUSE YOU SOME SERIOUS HEALTH ISSUES THAT WILL SHORTEN YOUR LIFE.  Don't end up like my Mom who died before she reached the age of 66.
Study Isagenix and our 30 Day Cleanse dieting (my associate website)  When you are ready, give me a call at home (845) 693-4513 or text me at (845) 346-6523 and together we can put all those FAT JOKES to rest.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Two BIG Blog Milestones Occurred Today...The Second Being This My 100th Post

I always like milestones...they represent major accomplishments, serve as important markers on the journey from here to there, even of some of those journey never fully end...such as my own life transformation that started not quite four months ago when I decided to give Isagenix a try...a decision that lead to the creation of this blog.

Today, six days short of four months into my own journey of self discovery and improvement, my blog received its 5000th unique visitors...that is pretty cool, and am very pleased to know that my story, my Isagenix testimonial has reached that many people.  As a side note, those 5000 unique visitors have come from 34 nations from all around the have to love the internet.  It seems only fitting at on the same day "The Isa Guru" blog crossed the threshold of 5,000 visitors that I am sitting here tonight after a hard day of physical therapy penning my 100th blog post!

So, to everyone who has been so supportive as I have lost weight, found new energy, and thinned down, THANK YOU for supporting me, and for supporting this blog.  My own transformation is far from over, so please keep visiting...OH...and leave a comment now and then, or ask a question!

My readers ARE THE BEST!

Sherwood Martinelli...The Isa Guru