Sunday, February 24, 2013

Burgers Fit For Oscar!...So Good!

OK...tonight everyone is going to be glued to their sofas to watch the Oscar's...well, maybe not everyone, but a lot of us.  So, thought I would put up a few pictures for the perfect BURGER...maybe I should get in on the excitement and call it "The Oscar Burger"!

 Start with some really good chopped I am using ground Sirloin, about three quarters of a pound worth divided into four thin patties.  Once made, add your own favorite spices.

Place a generous amount of Blue Cheese on two of the patties, and take out three Portobello mushrooms, that you are going to finely chop.

 See chopped mushrooms...put a generous amount of the mushrooms on top of the Blue Cheese on each of the two burgers.

Carefully place a thin pattie over the one's with Blue Cheese on them, and work them into two nice thick patties stuff with Blue Cheese and Portobello mushrooms. 

Place burgers in skillet on stove top...PRETTY SIMPLE FOLKS.
 Add two shots of Vodka and some  worcestershire me old fashion, but I think the little bit extra it cost for Lea & Perrins is SO WORTH IT.  Take the left over chopped mushrooms and sprinkle them into skillet.

Cook burgers to your liking...I am a medium rare kind of guy when it comes to my burgers, but others tend toward medium or even medium well.  The mushroom bits browning in the sauce will make a great little relish over the burger...After removing burgers, add a tablespoon of lemon juice to the mix, turn heat up and reduce...spoon over the burger.
While burgers are doing their thing on the stove top make up a nice plate of greens...myself for this one used a nice organic medley of greens, slice tomato and olives...dusted the whole thing with sea salt.
WALLA...A Burger Fit For The Oscar's!

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