Thursday, February 7, 2013

Personal Letter To Governor Christopher Christie

Sometimes, think that political correctness should be thrown out the window.  Also think there are times when, for trhe good of the person, we need to stop candy coating the truth. 
Governor Christie... (can I call you Chris?) you may not want people making an issue of your weight, but A) as a public figure your weight and everything else about you is up for public discussion, and B) you are FAT...actually, you are far beyond FAT, you are obese as in OBESE!  More importantly, as a man who would be president, or who is at least giving thought to running for president, your weight is a serious issue that voters need to look carefully at...especially when you are refusing to address said weight in a serious matter.
In In Tailored Suit YOU LOOK OBESE
You blew a gasket the other day because a doctor (a doctor to a President) was worried about you dying in office.  You wondered how a woman who had never examined you could diagnos your weight is a does not have to be a doctor to realize you have weight issues, and the health issues and concerns that go with them.   I am not a doctor here, never even played one on TV...I'm just a former FAT GUY that got thin, and I can look at your pictures and tell you have some serious weight issues...guessing here you tip the scale at well over 300 pounds, and that waist looks like it could go north of 46 inches...if I had to guess, would put it at over 50 inches.  Seriously, in some of your pictures you look like a beached whale. (Tough love here Chris)
Who wants a president that cannot push himself away from the dinner table, and who wants a president that lashes out at those who point out the in, "Hello DUDE, you are seriously FAT...get some help, go on a diet.  We are an OBESE nation, and you are a very high profile public figure who could SO LEAD BY EXAMPLE!  Is pulling a cookie out of your pocket on the David Letterman Show the example you want to be, or would you rather be the example who was a proud member of the Isagenix 100 Pound Club for those who have lost over 100 pounds?
My Mom was fat, loved her food just like you.   She was healthy until she wasn't...she got adult stage diabetes in her late 40's.  It was all down hill from there.  When she died she was blind, had conjestive heart disease, and holes in her feet.  Like you, she had kids...hopefully, unlike her you'll do something about your weight before it is too late.  We all got to watch her die...a very long, slow painful death as everything important to her including her sight was taken away.  Maybe that doctor was doing you a favor when your children heard her say that you could die in office, maybe her diagnosis from 2000 miles away will be the wake up call you obviously need.  If people like her, and people like me didn't care, we would JUST IGNORE YOU, write you off as just another fat politician.
I live in New York...the state, not the city.  I've offered on Twitter to help you lose weight...Isagenix me, I am living proof of it.  (Posting my four month before after picture here so you can see it.)  I'm far from a wealthy man, and not even a Republican, but if you really WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT, if you have the self discipline to not only go on a weight lose program but stick to it, I'll even pay for the first three months of your program, cover the costs of you entering the Isagenix "Isa Body Challenge" which is a 90 day program.  What have you got to lose?  I can tell you what you have to win...
You'll lose weight.  You'll build some new lean muscle.  You'll get healthy, have more energy, and lose that huge gut you are carrying around...Did you know for every extra pound you are carrying around that you are putting an extra four pounds of pressure on your knees?  Who knows...losing the weight, the public image improvement it would bring you might even see you gaining the White House in 2016.
So come on...give an honest guy a shot here.  I'm telling you the hard truth...YOU ARE FAT, and if you do not lose that weight, IT WILL EVENTUALLY CAUSE YOU SOME SERIOUS HEALTH ISSUES THAT WILL SHORTEN YOUR LIFE.  Don't end up like my Mom who died before she reached the age of 66.
Study Isagenix and our 30 Day Cleanse dieting (my associate website)  When you are ready, give me a call at home (845) 693-4513 or text me at (845) 346-6523 and together we can put all those FAT JOKES to rest.