Saturday, February 23, 2013

Looking Back...Looking Forward...Standing Still...Relections at 57

Thursday February 21st I turned 57...As birthdays go, it was a quiet one, my time spent looking back on the past 56 years, thinking about the future while standing still in the spot that I find myself at. Life they say is a journey, a book not completed until you turn the last page.   

October 6th saw me start a new chapter in my own life story...I made the decision to lose some serious weight, get healthy...four plus months later, am moving in the right direction.  My waist line is down to a 34, and have lost over 30 pounds.  Friends tell me I am looking good, that they cannot believe the change, not just physically, but in my attitude.  Looking at myself, the changes so far have been remarkable.  I find myself believing more in myself, and I believe in the product and lifestyle that is Isagenix...question is, what is next?  Not just with my diet, not just with Isagenix, but for me moving forward?

Not sure of the when or where of it, but do know I have to move this year, and that is causing me a great deal of angst.  Tomorrow am driving to New Jersey to look at a modular home (the new code word for a TRAILER....doublewide even).   There are a lot of things to love about the trailer...the access to a clubhouse and large pool that comes with it...what I do not like about's an "Adult Community" as in only those who are 55 and older can live there.  Somehow, moving into such a community is almost a personal admission that I am getting older, and it is this reality that has seen me so reflective this entire week.  I know my perceptions are a prejudice on my part...sure that adult communities have changed from the days when my Grandparents lived in one, when it seemed to a young man that the place was full of bent over little old men in Burmuda shorts, and little old ladies with blue hair playing bridge all short, a part of me feels like moving into an "Adult Community" is a bit like being put out to pasture.

I'm 57...Feel as if I need some great grand adventure of some sort...wrap my car in Isagenix Advertising and drive around the United States visiting County and State Fairs for the entire summer would be a lot of fun...not affordable, but a LOT OF FUN!  Just walking around fairs with my camera for the entire summer taking pictures and handing out free samples of Isagenix with my business card attached.  Of course, if I was going to do this, would prefer to have a beautiful old (restored) vintage pick up truck pulling a vintage 16-22 foot Airstream behind it...could stop at some of the great historical sites along the way...the Grand Canyon, Sequoya National Forest...can see myself drinking a 3+ Energy Shot in front of one of those MASSIVE TREES, camping out along the ocean in California, visiting Hearst Castle again...not been there in over 30 years.

Hmmmm...."My Isagenix Great Adventure"...can almost see a coffee table book of my travels, maybe a blog journaling my adventure day by day as I travel across America.  Oregon would be a MUST VISIT STATE...did you know that there are more Ghost towns in Oregon than anywhere else in  America...always wanted to go photograph them, put out a book, "Ghost Towns of Oregon".

Anyone have about $200,000 I can borrow?  Figure the vintage truck and Airstream fully restored are going to cost me about $100,000.  Already priced wrapping a vehicle...$2,500 which is a bargain! Thinking custom plates for the truck and camper...a minor expense.  Big expense...all those Isagenix samples.   I am guessing on a normal non fair day would need maybe 30-40 samples, but could see myself handing out hundreds of them at a fair...Last time I attended the Ohio State Fair they were drawing crowds over the 18 days of the fair numbering millions. maybe I need another idea...

Just know I need to find 57 do not feel READY FOR THE PASTURE.  Thinking that is where a great deal of my own frustration is coming from at the moment.  I need to find something to do with myself other than just watch the world go by.  Life was so full of adventure and spontaneity when I was 20...want a little bit of that back.  Want to get a passport and take off for some exotic place...maybe volunteer on some space/place in the world where I could be a part of something bigger than myself.  

OMG...Less Than $10,000!
Is this what getting older is about...suddenly waking up and finding out that the life you have has become staid and boring?  Or instead, am I entering into a late life mid-life crisis?  That could be it...I mean I have NEVER owned a red sports car, let along a red sports car convertible.  Funny thing is, not really a red sports car kind of a would rather have a restored vintage pick up truck, though have to admit...if I could find one, would LOVE an old say 1956-1963 Bentley.   Something so "Beatles" like in a car like that...have to modernize it to some degree, update the stereo system so that I can use my IPod.  The car is plenty powerful enough to pull an old Air Stream around the country...back to the Airstream and traveling around America...would be pretty cool to drive around America handing out Isagenix samples from the trunk of a vintage Bentley.

Are you over 50 and finding yourself wondering "what's next"?  What is your dream, what is that BIG ADVENTURE that you day dream about at work?

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