Friday, February 8, 2013

Preparing For NorEaster Here in New York

It's in our tiny little hamlet of Mountaindale here in New York, the snow has started the fly, the roads already covered with a smattering of the white stuff.  Ran my errands yesterday, and in case we lose electric during the storm, I am taking the normal precautions...laptop, cell phone, and IPad mini are all being charged as I type this.  Going to spend the late morning/early afternoon cleaning the apartment and putting clean sheets on the bed...and adding a few extra blankets.  Other than that, there is not much I can do in the way of long as we do not lose electric, will be fine...if I lose electric, have a small inverter to charge the cell phone and laptop, and will move into the kitchen of my apartment where I can use the propane stove and oven to stave off the cold as the temps over night with windchill are supposed to drop below zero.
In the middle of a two day cleanse here, so food is not an issue, and being on town water, have everything I need.  Unless the snow gets really really bad, will try to head out for a walk later in the day and share a few photographs of the storm as it moves through our area...IT SHOULD BE FUN!
To all my friends in Isagenix who headed up to Boston for Isa University event this weekend that started today...BE CAREFUL, and if the snow is still really bad on Sunday, stay and extra day rather than try to drive home in treacherous conditions!  As the old saying goes, "Better safe than sorry".  If you have to be snowed in, Boston is a beautiful place to be...although not sure how much of Boston you can see from a hotel close to the airport...especially during a blizzard.
Time for me to go get my workout in and start some serious house cleaning here.

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